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About Us

F.L. Bissinger Inc. is an architecture firm that focuses on single family residential architecture and specializes in Artisan Revival Style Houses. Not a copy of the past, but a new masterpiece that uses the vocabulary of tradition to write a new architectural poetry.

Inspiration: The fine craftsmanship detail and high quality materials of the best earlier 20th century suburban houses, but shaped by your 21st century needs and aspirations.

Experience: Extensive design-build experience provides F.L. Bissinger unusually strong ability to turn paper dreams into reality. Our relationship with custom craftsmen (both U.S.A. and International) means your house can have truly unique details without sacrificing budget or schedule.

Schedule: Approximately three weeks after contact meeting and contract, Fred Bissinger anticipates presenting you with personally drawn plans and usually a bird’s eye view of your house.

Staff: CAD drafting is done in house and Fred Bissinger works directly with you on design decisions.

Cost: Fixed-price contract for services is usually entered into before start of work. Design elements such as doorways, chimneys, stairways and dormers require larger scale detail drawings to build correctly.

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