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Carriage House Transformation

Our carriage house started as a farmer’s barn about 1820. In 1887 a gentleman converted it to house his fine horses and carriages. By the time we purchased it, the historic building had suffered years of neglect. Zoning rules prevented us from making it a second residence, but we could use it for parties.

We created an entrance extension and installed architectural antique doors, “from a nunnery,” bought in London some years before. Inside required major work. The 40’ “Long Hall” now boasts an inglenook fireplace with copper hood. Carved oak paneling in this room came from a favorite source in England.

On the lowest level we replaced the wood floor structure above with a massive masonry vaulted ceiling. This area, now the caterer’s kitchen, was constructed of stones set on large forms. Then concrete was poured on top. It’s really the place to go if we need a bomb shelter!

French Chateau

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Main line Philadelphia

New Classic blend of Stone & Slate

Newport, RI Manor

Palm Beach Estate

Ram's Head


“The tree was perhaps the largest in the Township. I defended it against my wife who feared its occasional dropping of branches might hurt one of our dogs. Then one day the tree made a big mistake; dropping a 10-diameter branch on my wife’s car. Within 15 minutes she had Chris, our favorite tree guy, charged to whack it.

I asked him to leave about 8’-0. Given some imagination and Chris’s skill with the chain saw we eventually carved out the “Stumpery” which serves to hold garden tools. The door pull is a wrought iron ring found engulfed deep inside the many years of growth. Maybe it served to tether a goat nearly two centuries ago. It now serves as the door pull.”

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